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Hello! I'm Erin.
I have a husband, a yorkie, and a new house that I'm currently obsessed with decorating.
I'm awesome at shopping, eating, and copying DIY projects. I don't know what I did before Pinterest.
I no longer live in Hoboken but for now, my blog still does.
Welcome to my little corner of the world.

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fun color combos.

The fact that I was celebrating my birthday in MY own house.

That I cooked for all my loved ones in my own kitchen. Used my china when we ran out of dessert plates.

Maybe it was the fact that one of my oldest friends came by with her husband and 3 month old baby and when she announced that the baby wouldn’t be staying, I was slightly disappointed.

Maybe it’s because one of my oldest friends even has a baby, or because we spent a good portion of the night talking about weddings, breast feeding and dining room tables.

It could be because I laughed and had as much fun with my friends on Friday as I did with my family on Saturday.

Maybe it happened as I was told to make a wish. The fact that I couldn’t come up with any.

Did it sneak in when I blew the candles out? A feeling. This difference. This change in the tide I can’t describe. Always pushing on, looking forward, moving ahead. Standing here now wishing I could hit pause. Linger a while. Take it all in. The push to move on suddenly feeling like a pull. Slightly unwilling.

The alarm is going off. I’m reaching for snooze.

Maybe it was the two drinks I had. Wanting another. Not even attempting it. Still feeling groggy in the morning.

Does one door have to close for the next door to open?

Maybe it’s all in my head. Thoughts and feelings about what’s up ahead as the road curves and winds.

And then again, maybe it’s just the house.

I turned 31 last Friday.

And my birthday weekend was wonderful. Lots of food, family, and friends.

But I’m having all sorts of feelings about being 31 that I can’t quite put into words. Meh.

For now, I’m looking at the bright side. Warmer weather is coming, I’ve made a few small dents in our to do list, I have new fun kicks thanks to my mom, and some awesome new kitchen gadgets thanks to dad.

Keep on keeping on.


I’ve turned into such a homebody over the last few months (maybe you’ve noticed?) so it was kind of a no brainer when I decided to host my own birthday celebrations this year. My husband thinks I’m crazy but I truly enjoy planning menus, practicing cooking for a large group (this does not come easy to me) and getting to lounge around our house instead of dressing up and trying to be on time for reservations.

My girlfriends are coming over Friday night, which is my actual bday, for a sleepover filled with lots of bubbly, cheesy fondue, all the fixings, cake and ice cream. Saturday, I’m cooking pulled pork sliders for my family with potato salad, baked beans, and grilled pineapple as sides.

I’m just really thankful I have great people to share my 31st birthday with who also won’t mind when I stuff my face as if no one is watching.


This. All of it.


Fruity Striped Ice Cubes.

Because plain ice cubes are too boring. These ice cubes are made of fruit juice, smoothie and coconut milk. You could simply play around with any combinations you love.

Adds a whole new dimension to your drinks, not to mention its beauty. A sure conversation starter at any party. Great to get your picky kids to drink some fruity goodness too. 

  • JUICES: I used store-bought grapefruit juice, mango juice, limeade, and made some strawberry/beet juice.
  • SMOOTHIES: I combined kiwi, cucumber, mint and lime make for a beautiful green smoothie blend.
  • COCONUT MILK: I layered a lot of these cubes with coconut milk, which can be poured right from the can.

Play around with your combination, the choices are endless.

(via backonpointe)

Alright, I might have said yesterday that I don’t care how we decorate for spring, but some spring cleaning and organizing tips? Those I’ll take.

I’ve had to rethink the way we store everything in our house compared to where it was in the apartment, which has been baffling me for weeks. The obvious things like luggage which were once in a spare bedroom closet are now in the basement but stupid stuff like dog shampoo, extra sheets, and beach towels have been moved to three different places. It’s a little frustrating, and I inevitably go to the wrong place when I need something, resulting in a lot of excess walking. (Although, I could use the exercise.)

Any way, it never dawned on me to put a hook inside the linen closet for my bathrobe (it’s been inside my closet) or use trays to organize smaller items in the pantry, and that emerald green painted portion of the wall (to help define the office space) has me swooning. Really great tips from One Kings Lane.

Something cute to wear for Easter.

While scrolling through my fb feed …. 

I don’t care how we should be decorating for spring, I just want better weather to arrive.

Jay and I hosted our first over-night guests on Friday night and I made this pizza and a spinach salad for everyone to start off our evening.

I don’t know if it was the different brand of dough, timing, or what but this pizza came out perfectly. I followed the recipe to a T and it was delicious. I usually prefer white pizza over red and this seriously hit the spot. Adding this to our list of faves.

I’m so over this weather and because work has been shitty too, I’m off to drown my sorrows with my favorite people, in as many drinks as I can handle for a Tuesday night.

Six weeks later and we have a gallery wall!


I knew from the minute I saw our home that if we were to buy it, this wall would be a perfect gallery wall and it’s pretty crazy to see something you’ve been envisioning for so long, finally fall into place. I’ve got one last frame to hang, that of course doesn’t have a hook to hang from, so I plan on picking up some of those command photo strips today. Hoping they don’t muck up the wall or destroy my frame.

These adorable coral lace ups are only $38 from Bloomingdales, originally $78.

Can someone please buy them so I can live vicariously through you?