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Hello! I'm Erin.
I have a husband, a yorkie, and a new house that I'm currently obsessed with decorating.
I'm awesome at shopping, eating, and copying DIY projects. I don't know what I did before Pinterest.
I no longer live in Hoboken but for now, my blog still does.
Welcome to my little corner of the world.

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The sunset from our backyard last night was pretty spectacular.

It’s messing people up, this social pressure to “find your passion” and “know what it is you want to do”. It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully, and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realization, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees.

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This this this this this THIS this this this THISSSSS this this THIS

This, dammit.

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Pumpkin-anything in the fall is great, but the real star of the fall season in my book is the apple and I feel it’s just not getting enough play time lately. I think it needs to come off the bench.

Apple Pie Biscuits

They are AG from about 5 years ago. I worked at Bloomingdales in the men’s denim dept for a hot minute when I first moved into Hoboken and at some promo party they were having they gave them to me. It was a pretty sweet consolation prize for attending their party that also had free booze. They probably still have them or a version like them, but they retail for like $240, which sucks. The quality is definitely there though. I will probably wear them until I am 80.


  • At 5:30 am on Monday morning, my phone managed to suffer water damage and corrosion. How this happened is a mystery as I was still asleep, but my only theory is that it somehow slid into water from a sweating glass on my nightstand. Then that water jumped all up inside it and viola, phone no longer charges.
  • Going three days without a phone is both soul crushingly hard and extremely liberating at the same time. Weird.
  • I now have the iphone 5c and need a case for it. Thinking this gold one might do.
  • Apparently, I never backed anything up. Sheesh. I had 1400 photos on my phone and only the last 124 on my photo stream. So that’s all I got.
  • A sampling of the photos that were saved are above. Selfies of the extremely laid back outfit I can’t stop wearing on the weekends and my newest lipstick - it’s an obnoxious pink and I’m obsessed - the gorgeous sunflowers my friend brought over labor day weekend, Vegas about to destroy his new toy, and the BEST NEWS EVER. Zara opening in 2015 up the block from my job. 
  • I pass by the World Trade Center every morning on my way to work and for the past few years on 9/11, I’ve always gotten an eerie feeling as I walked up the block, with the fences still blocking where the towers once stood. A sense of true loss as I walk the same path so many that lost their lives did each day. The news crews were there as they have been each year, and there was the same increase in law enforcement and people, but this year the eerie feeling was not. So much new construction has taken place recently and with that construction has brought a new found sense of strength. There is much to look forward to but as always, We will never forget.


So, so, so excited!

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I’ve been having a lot of thoughts lately on where I stand and where I’m headed when it comes to shopping and my closet as the new season approaches and I thought I’d blab on here about it so I can get it off my mind. Read on, if you dare.

I’ve always considered myself pretty trendy, and therefore a true lover of fast fashion. I was pretty certain that as I got older this would change. I was sure at some point (an all elusive magical age) I would crave more classic pieces and start investing in better quality. To some degree, this has been true, but in other ways, not. And I’m kind of surprised. I guess I’ve come to the conclusion my particular take is "not all quality, much less quantity."

Some things that are tried & true for me and some things I need to improve on below:

Wear Shit Out

As I walk to work in the mornings lately, I’ve noticed that everything is kind of in. Bold colors, Peplum, Leopard, Sandals of all kind, Military inspired, Boyfriend, Slouchy, Classic, Oversized. You name it, I see it. And it looks great! (when it’s not all worn together.) So, instead of doing my usual cleaning of the closet and tossing things I don’t think I’ll wear, I’m working on finding ways to wear that shit out. Seriously, if it still has it’s shape, no stains, tears, or pulls, then I find a way to wear it. Shopping the closet? Yeah, I think that’s it. Only, I’m trying to do it every day and not just when we’re going somewhere. I’ve realized that I spend good money* on clothes year in and year out and if it can still be warn, it should. When it’s past it’s prime - throw it out and DO NOT replace it. I’d really like to have less items in my closet and more things that I love and wear often.

Better Quality is Better, Sometimes

You may totally disagree with the items I’ve listed below and that’s totally cool, (totally) but I’ve found buying better quality of these particular items holds so true for me. These are always my splurges.

  • Coats/Jackets - the more designer brands I can afford, the better. I have never regretted purchasing a Burberry rain jacket in a classic color. Never. I have gotten my money’s worth and then some. Mackage winter coat? Still as warm and fashionable as the day I bought it 6 years ago. After last year’s disgusting winter, I’m considering adding a Canada Goose to my collection. Those things look insanely cozy.
  • Handbags - well made handbags are a thing of beauty and I’m not sure I could wear them out if I tried. Leather is usually preferred over other materials. Kate Spade, Coach and Madewell are a few of my favs.

A Mixed Bag

When it comes to shoes, jewelry, sweaters, and denim, it seems the price just does not matter. Whether they cost me $30 or $300, they stay in my closet the same amount of time. I definitely buy these items more sparingly as the years go on.

More Basics, Please

Simple white tees go with EVERYTHING and are generally inexpensive, yet I only own one. Button downs? Only have a couple. Black jeans - I don’t even own a pair! Definitely working on adding more basics to my wardrobe. One thing I have not done well over the years at all.

End of Season Needs

At the end of last spring, I found a nice, striped, sweatshirt from Gap for only $6 and just last week, I realized I only have a few short sleeved shirts for work, so I bought a cute lace shirt in navy from Target for only $9. Shopping at the beginning of a season is SO MUCH FREAKING FUN but if you wait until the end, you can get some pretty sweet deals.


Ugh, this one is tough for me. I basically want to purchase all the colors of the rainbow when I find something I like and I’m trying really hard not to do that as much anymore. Age playing a part? Probs. But navy, black, white, and gray, get much more use in the long run over mint green so wiser choices need to be made. Adulting.

Still with me? Agree or disagree?

* good money - hard earned, time away from home, doing stuff i’d rather not do, money. anything over $1

A few weeks ago, my mother turned 60.

Seeing as she is one of the most selfless people I know, I wanted to do something special for her, in a really meaningful way. Something a little different. After seeing a post floating around tumblr about putting together memories from friends and family, I knew it would be the perfect gift to ring in her 60th. I reached out to everyone I could on facebook (and a few texts here and there). I separated out all the memories I received and put them onto note cards and then inserted them into envelopes. Tied it up with some string and wrote “Memories of A Lifetime” on a gift tag.

I also invited my aunt and uncle to join us for dinner as a surprise and the look on my mother’s face when they walked in was priceless. They drove 2  and 1/2 hours to have dinner with us at Sirena’s in Long Branch and it really made my mother’s night. She cried when they walked in, cried saying goodbye, cried some more opening her envelopes. I loved it. She loved it. We had a lot of good laughs too and the night ended on such a perfect note with promises to get together in the city during Christmas break.

I’m pretty crappy when it comes to buying holiday gifts, but I really knocked this one out of the park.

Can do no wrong in my book.

Lily Collins in Osman

Can do no wrong in my book.


Lily Collins in Osman

This is fucking hilarious.


I love to hate Anthropologie furniture. In particular, the way they stage it for their website. There’s this gross fantasy they’ve created of an art student who can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a paint-splattered flea market find. It’s like all their customers are aspiring to be Charlotte in Tiny Furniture (a loft-dwelling trust fund dilettante).

They’ve gone off the deep end with the juxtaposition. You know those fashion editorials every fall where models lasagned in Prada swing around street signs in Red Hook? It’s like that, but on acid. The settings are more deteriorated and the designs are more design-y. It’s like shopping from deep within Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table.

If you choose to purchase a piece of Anthropologie furniture, it will only really look right in one of three settings:


1. An alternative gallery space six weeks from opening


2. An urban cabin with faulty electrical wiring


3. A crumbling Southern plantation (soon to be deemed “the new loft” by the NYTimes)

Let’s take a stroll through the Anthropologie furniture section together. What’s for sale today?

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Because so many of you asked (haha, no you didn’t) here are some of the things I’m hoping to fill up all my new shelves with. I guess I’ve got a white and gold theme going on here.

First row: 1, 2,

Second row: 1, 2, 3

Third row: 1, 2, 3

It’s not much and it certainly wasn’t hard, but I put this Ikea shelf together all by myself. Giant pat on the back.



The louis vuitton neverfull, which the whole entire population of NYC is currently carrying, *starts* at $1200? 

I sold my last car for less than that…

To pile on to this… I think having designer logos all over you bag these days just looks tacky. Sure, I think LV is a classy brand and they have nice things, but honestly there are some quality bags out there without logos splashed all over it. Give me a nice leather bag and I’m happy. 

The LV bags go up in price each year but this post made me check the website because I was SURE the neverfull was around $700. I had wanted an LV badly a few years ago and looked at them often and specifically remember them being around that amount. Looks like they added that extra keychain/wallet thing to the outside and doubled the price?! That’s insane. It looks like they also upped the price on the speedy by about $300.

A moroccan shag rug in a high traffic area of our home makes no sense at all.

We’ll need to impose a no shoes, no food, no drinks, no chew toys on/near/around/within breathing distance of the rug rule just to try and keep it clean.

It’s going to get dirty anyway.

It’s going to need to be cleaned often.

But I still want this thing So.Dang.Bad.

Care to talk me out of it? My husband’s not doing a good job of it.